Christopher Malcolm is an award-winning Los Angeles based directorphotographer, and cinematographer.  Some clients include Nike, ASICS, Lululemon, and Verizon.  He is a cinematic storyteller with an emphasis on character and narrative while creating both still and motion assets for his clients.  He particularly enjoys hybrid productions where he can provide consistent and cohesive campaigns that result in assets spanning multiple forms of media.  He has worked with publications such as The New York Times, Runner’s World, Men’s Journal, and Bicycling.  Christopher has received awards from groups as diverse as Communication Arts, The American Society of Cinematographers, American Photography, AI-AP International Motion Arts, and American Photographic Artists.  He has been selected for such prestigious programs as the ASC Vision Program and CDDP Commercial Direction Program.  As an accomplished screenwriter and director, his narrative work and love of cinema informs every image, moving or still.  He approaches even his still photography with a cinematographer’s eye.  The first questions he asks are “Who is the character?”  And “why should the audience care about their story (or the brand)?”  His love of storytelling has led him to write extensively on the topic and appear on such outlets as Turner Classic Movies to discuss craft and film theory.  He writes a weekly column for the photo and video technology outlet, Fstoppers.  He also sits on the board of American Photographic Artists and was a founding member of the groups Diversity Committee to help broaden opportunities for artists of all backgrounds.

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