Introducing Micro Campaigns.  An innovative solution to a unique challenge.

The current pandemic has been no picnic for any of us.  Especially for those of us in the creative community.  We thrive both on our commitment to our art, but on our social connections and desire to work together to create the key art that drives our businesses.  Due to massive quarantines, and our responsibility to stay at home while observing social distancing, coming together to produce large scale photo and video productions is increasingly impractical.  But business, as they say about the show, must go on.

I am here to help.

In addition to my commercial and editorial work for some of the largest brands and publications in the world, I have also become an award-winning self portrait artist.  While I don't consider myself a supermodel, by any means, I have proven myself almost as comfortable in front of the lens as behind it.  Almost.  I am also fortunate to have my own home studio, a medium-sized outdoor space, and access to a multitude of remote exteriors here in Southern California.  Add all that to the fact that all the tools required to produce a top level campaign are currently in my office closet, and I came to a realization.

We can still create your campaigns without either of us having to leave our homes.

Modern technology has made it possible for us to communicate both prior to and during production.  Delivery services mean that product itself can travel even if you and I can't.  All you have to do is send me the product, and I can send you the art.

It may not be business as usual.  But who says that's a bad thing?  New challenges present new opportunities.  While the current situation is disruptive, most hurdles are until you clear them.  The quarantine presents obstacles.  But it also presents us with the opportunity to work smarter, producing smaller, more budget friendly shoots, while still producing the art that will help us to grow our profits.

Let's work together.  Let us create our own way forward.

Ready To Have A Conversation?

The one thing we all need more of in a time of voluntary isolation is a good bit of communication.  So, if you'd like to discuss how we might be able to create a micro campaign together, learn more about my services, or simply need a bit of a chat, reach out and say hello.

Phone: (213) 952-7340


IG: @christophermalcolmphotography

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