Quarantine Stories

As a friend of mine’s father once wrote in a script, “A writer writes. Always.”  Turns out the same is true in photography as I’ve been creating just as much work, if not more, since being under the stay-at-home order as before.  Sadly, without a live-in model, I’ve been forced to turn the camera on myself.  But these daily experiments have also led me to create a lot of new work I’m proud of and I’d like to share it with you.

So, in a series that I’ll be calling Quarantine Stories, I’ll be sharing a few different “episodes.”  Why call them “episodes?”  Well, my journey to becoming an artist began with filmmaking. Specifically screenwriting.  Back in those days, long before I ever picked up a camera, my experience with photography was using images as reference material to inspire storylines.  Not so much that I would take the action in the photo and make it into a movie.  More so, that I would pin them to the wall above my computer, observe the subject in the photograph, and that person might inspire a character which, in turn, begged the question of what their story might be.  So, imagine these episodes to do the same.  They aren’t complete scripts.  Rather fragments in time of a specific character.  Maybe they will be a jumping off point for your own imagination.

Episode One: The Intruder

Episode Two: Hats

Episode Three: Footsteps in the Dark

Episode Four: Man In The Mirror

Episode Five: Electric Boogaloo

Episode Six: Looking Out At The World

Episode Seven: Double Vision

Episode Eight: Atomic Man

Episode Nine: All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

Episode Ten: Definitions

Episode Eleven: Small Steps

Episode Twelve: Couch Potato

Episode Thirteen: Flight School

Episode Fourteen: Top Gun

Episode Fifteen: Paper Man

Episode Sixteen: Glory Days

Episode Seventeen: Ford

Episode Eighteen: Robin Hood

Episode Nineteen: Colorways

Episode Twenty: Go Hard Or Go Home

Episode Twenty One: The Boxer

Episode Twenty Two: Lost In Time

Episode Twenty Three: Yasuke

Episode Twenty Four: Two Sides

Episode Twenty Five: African American

Episode Twenty Six: The Illusionist

Episode Twenty Seven: The Meaning Behind It All