Christopher Malcolm - Los Angeles based Lifestyle, Fitness, Activewear, Sports and Fashion Photographer and Director

Write Your Own Story

It’s important as an artist to consistently push yourself to get better.  Every time out behind the camera is an opportunity to create something special and an opportunity to grow.  In that vein, I am incredibly proud to announce my new series “Write Your Own Story” starring Jasmin and Nikkie of Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited.  Hair and Makeup by Emilie Brill.  This massive integrated campaign resulted in 150 still images, 8 short films, 12 GIFs, 12 Boomerangs, 2 Behind The Scenes Videos, and 3 Interviews.  To learn more about the project and the production, you can type into your browser and be taken to a special project page where you can learn more about what it takes to create the art that drives brand identity.

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