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New Project - Unstoppable

Are you ready for some football?

It’s been an amazing ride the last few weeks.  Three big shoots for Nike in Portland, my interview being published in the current issue of PDN, and a number of other bids have kept me more than busy.

But I’m happy to announce the release of my latest project “Unstoppable.”  An integrated project with both a still series as seven motion films, including a eight minute behind the scenes documentary.

The project features the awesome Jan Burris, Jeremiah Buren, Dominic Figlio, and Shane Horton of SLU and was styled by the amazing Stephanie Bides.  Tanne Udden was my assistant and provided a treasure trove of behind the scenes footage for the documentary.

Super jazzed about the way it all turned out.

To see the still series, visit here

Then, to see the film, click on the Motion tab, or go directly here


So apparently dreams really do come true :-)

I’ve been reading
PDN, the photographic bible, ever since I picked up my camera for the
first time.  Full on insights and images from the world’s top
photographers, it has always been a dream of mine to someday grace it’s
glossy pages alongside my photographic heroes.

So when Holly
Hughes told me that not only would I be in the magazine, but that they
were interested in running a story of my lighting techniques… well, I
just about hit the floor.

But apparently I wasn’t dreaming, as
just yesterday I received my copy of the October issue of PDN in the
mail with my interview right there in big bold type spread across two pages (60 and 61 in case you’re holding a copy).  I really can’t express how much this honor really means to me.  Special thanks to Holly and Rebecca Robertson for making this happen.  I’ll be forever grateful.

Another dream turned reality.

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